Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yet ANOTHER blog

So, I've decided to do a simple little photo blog.  One post every day (or at least 7 a week for those days I can't be quite on-task) of just a quick description and photo of one of the meals I made for my crazy allergy family.

A little background on us.  My oldest child is allergic to MOST foods.  Not just intolerances, but true reactive IgE allergies.  His reactions manifest in several different ways, and he has different reactions for different foods.  ALL of them are serious though, and even contamination reactions build-up and cause him chronic problems like constant GI pain and allergic arthritis that eats away at his joints.

So, anyway, so far, he loses a few more foods every year.  Currently he has about 14 safe foods.  Sounds boring to cook with only fourteen foods, huh?  It can be!  However, I am starting this blog to try and motivate myself a little more to get back into the more adventurous allergy cooking that I did before we had two kids (the second kid is more typical and easy to cook for)!

Tonight my husband is out at a football game, so I can make an easy preschooler-friendly meal that comes mostly from out of our own backyard garden and features hot dogs (Ball Park all-beef).

Baby potatoes, zucchini, and hot dogs.  All cut into little circles and sauted with some light olive oil, salt, and pepper.

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